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Mountain bike entry must know: mountain bike front fork types and characteristics.

Mountain bike front fork is an important part of mountain bike, for the preparation of mountain bike friends often asked the question is: is the front fork really important? Some people say a mountain bike is a frame plus a fork. Whether this is true or not, the fork is the part of a mountain bike that has the most to do with off-road performance and comfort. The following simple introduction to the classification of mountain bike front fork to prepare for the reference of mountain bike friends.


Mountain bike structure from the classification: hard fork, spring structure, oil spring structure, oil and gas structure. The following are introduced respectively:

1.hard fork: name meaning is not with shock absorption before fork, this is not introduced.

2.spring structure: spring fork is used to achieve the shock absorption effect of the spring, generally there are springs on the side of the front fork, or springs on both sides, the front fork is simple, low price, poor shock absorption effect, often used for low-end models.


3. oil spring structure: oil spring fork is an improved version of the spring fork, oil spring fork only on the left side of the spring, the right side is the damping assembly, damping assembly is filled with damping oil, through the damping assembly can reach the lock fork, change the front fork soft and hard function. The front fork of oil spring is generally seen in the middle of the vehicle, which is characterized by the locking knob that can be found on the front fork. After rotation, the front fork can be locked. The general locking function can show great advantages in the flat road and climbing.

4. Oil and gas structure: the oil and gas front fork is similar to the oil spring front fork. It uses air pressure instead of spring as shock absorption medium, and adjusts soft and hard by pumping. Because they use air instead of a spring, they are lighter but more expensive, and they also have locking features.


General front fork with damping system has function of lock, but not necessarily have soft hard regulating function, general oil spring front fork only lock function, no soft hard regulating function, and air suspension fork with lock and soft hard regulating function at the same time, the adjustment of the air front fork, of course, the most complex, need according to the different weight to adjust to a suitable air pressure value.



Post time: Aug-30-2021