Brand Introduction

Partner Fork became famous in 2010. With its high-quality front FORK products, it is popular in Europe and the United States and has become a well- known brand in the cycling circle.

Just like the inspiration of the brand name “Partner Fork”, Partner Fork also deeply rooted its philosophy in its brand concept of “Adhere to Quality and Service First”. Partner Fork is regarded as the lifeblood of the brand and closely linked to the survival and development of Partner Fork.

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  • Brand Introduction
  • Brand Introduction

Imitate shapes indifferently, unable to create soulful shapes.
Copying the surface blankly, unable to create a living fork.
Get rid of the shackles of the inherent shape of the front fork and pursue the freedom and pure sense of life infinitely.
“Excellent·Craftsman” stems from our persistence and enthusiasm for “quality”.

A “perfect person” who adheres to the concept of “Excellent·Craftsman”,
3650 days and nights, the Partner Fork industry “six high-quality projects”,
360°all-round quality assurance, fulfilling promises with actions.

Brand Mission

Brand Mission

To become the leading brand of high quality forks

We believe that the front fork is not just an accessory tool.
It’s like a leader,
Leading other parts of the bicycle unremittingly forward.
Therefore, we hope that PARTNER FORK
It can also become the leader of high-quality front forks and lead the industry forward.
What we pursue is not simply an external shape or a single function,
We will provide the industry with high-quality front fork solutions,
Make people like it at first sight.

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Brand vision

Brand vision

Good forks for everyone